Intermittent Fasting – Good or Bad?

Like intermittent fasting anyone? I do! This study has shown we may need to consider it further. Eating between 12 pm and 8 pm was compared to eating 3 meals per day and there was a drop in muscle mass in the fasting group!!

Considering how important it is for us to keep or build muscle for our health we should pay attention to. The authors point out that the 12 to 8 pm window of eating may be an issue and it may be wiser to skip dinner than it is to skip breakfast. They also point out that the fasting group was likely to have dropped their dietary protein intake which could account for the increase in loss.

Some things that might be worth considering now that we know this:
– Measure fat/muscle mass before we move to intermittent fasting
– Measure urea levels before beginning
– Let’s move the eating window to earlier maybe 10/11 am to 6 pm
– Let’s ensure that dietary protein intake does not drop
– Let’s re-measure fat/muscle mass after 2 to 3 months of intermittent fasting
– Let’s measure urea levels 2 to 3 months after intermittent fasting

Following these will ensure that intermittent fasting is working for you and not against you!



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