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Without a shadow of doubt Natural Health Medicine saved my life! I was one messed up cookie before I sought her guidance. And now I couldn’t feel or look better! She is worth her weight in gold! I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a healthier life. Rachel

Our aim is simple: we want to help you with your health goals, taking you from where your health currently is to where you would like it to be and where it can be.

Our strategic style of assessing your health not only through your symptoms, but through in-house or external testing, allows us to measure exactly your progress and improvement, and allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of our therapies.

In your journey to a better health, you will meet us:


Gabriella Sassi:

Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

I am a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopathic practitioner at Natural Health Medicine. Having a  holistic approach to health and wellbeing has been second nature to me from a young age. I have always worked towards developing a healthy relationship with my body, mind and food as well as increasing self-awareness.
I was able to understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle from being involved in various competitive sports in which I experienced physical injuries that affected unrelated aspects of my health. This inspired a growing interest in the importance of a holistic approach.
I am passionate about sharing my knowledge to live a more balanced life, by incorporating various techniques such as using food as medicine, lifestyle modification and stress management techniques. I also use pathology and functional testing along with evidence based research and treatment methods. I place high value on identifying the root causes biochemically in order to work towards prevention and management.
I like to stay active and enjoy swimming, yoga, hiking, and spending any time I can outdoors and creating healthy wholesome meals. I love to travel and experience new cultures and food and have a passion for the creative arts and painting.
I like to work with all areas of health and show special interest in the following:
  • Gut health
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Infection
My qualifications include:
·         Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)


Tim Jaeger:  

Nutritional Medicine Specialist and Bredesen Protocol Certified Practitioner

Apart from being a person with a passion to help our clients in clinic, a nerdy scientist at times, someone that enjoys/ enjoyed running, road cycling and playing lacrosse (even played in the 1998 World Lacrosse Championship in Baltimore USA in the German National Lacrosse Team) and someone busy doing all the other ‘things’ we do and think are so important in our lives, I’m really and most importantly a father and husband and lastly a friend to all the people in my life.

I have to remind myself of this importance, when things get busy and I don’t stop to enjoy what I have

Ok, so why did I get to this place in my life.                                                   

The short story is when I met my wife I was introduced to her dad, Umberto Martino.

He was a man who I never truly got to know and not because he was difficult or hard to understand but because he actually had undiagnosed Alzheimer’s and for many years had probably being experiencing slow cognitive decline. At first you might have been able to label it SCI (subjective cognitive impairment, only really noticed by the person themselves and may be other close friends or family) and then MCI (mild cognitive impairment, measureable and can be noticed by many of the people around them) but it was passed off as ‘getting old’.

So you see I never got to meet the funny, inventive, high skilled, stubborn and gentle man he actually was or had been for most of his life and so a singular event and date marked what would become the moment I would change how I thought and what I wanted to do in my life.

On the 20 August, 2010 and a meeting with a caring neurologist made me stop and finally start to read that book on Alzheimer’s I had bought 2 years before, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I started reading and I never really stopped, as well as reading up on Alzheimer’s, specifically, I started to read everything and anything that was related to health, so here we are now a qualified Nutritional Medicine Specialist with a bent for science and a realisation that there is so much more and that there is no one. singular absolute answer.

We are all our own N=1 experiment, all individuals and that’s where we at Natural Health Medicine come in.

We are your bridge, your coach, your nutritionist, your naturopath, your technical support and your very own research scientist.

As you can guess I specialise in treating cognitive decline but we all work on many other body systems including digestion/ gastrointestinal function/ SIBO, autoimmunity, fatigue, hormones and CVD (cardiovascular disease).

Please join us, take care

Tim Jaeger.


Qualifications Include:

  • Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology; Microbiology & Immunology) (University of Adelaide)
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine (ACNT)
  • Bredesen Protocol 3.0 Certified Practitioner (Institute of Functional Medicine/ MPI Cognition)
  • Graduate Diploma in Communication (Public Relations) (University of South Australia)
  • Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (Resonance Healing Academy)
  • Certificate III in Public Safety
  • Association Member: ATMS


Maria Harpas:

Director, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

I’m the director of Natural Health Medicine and Integrated Health Therapies. I’m a Clinical Nutritionist and a Naturopathic practitioner, I have been practicing for 10 years.

I previously worked in the travel industry and absolutely loved it working for travel agents and then Ansett Australia, once my time with the airline ended it just so happened to fall at the same time my first child was born, I decided it would be a great time to follow my growing curiosity of natural therapies. I had suffered severe allergies most of my life and recall being sick often as a child, I was tired of taking continual over the counter medications to alleviate my symptoms which where only getting worse. In fact I recall someone commenting on the fact that I always walked around with a tissue!

I started to learn much about digestive health and whilst my studies began as a hobby to learn more about my own health by the time I finished and my second child was ready for school I realised how important lifestyle medicine was, everyone needs to sleep well, eat well, manage stress to feel healthy, and I was blown away how much could be done in natural therapies to treat symptoms, and so I set up my own private practice.

Not long after I started practising I began working with a biochemist who over the years taught me to  incorporate pathology testing interpretation to a level I would never have thought possible. Its so exciting to use gold standard testing to assess and measure progress and, treat, in what we now term, as functional medicine. Call me boring but I love pouring over pathology results, which reveal all sorts of information about our health, its like detective work and its very rewarding to identify the cause of clients health issues as well as move the direction ones health is taking so that it will prevent future problems.

In my own family, my husband Peter and I have predominately used natural medicine to raise our boys and we have been grateful on the two occasions when we needed to rely on orthodox medicine. Aside from my great passions in digestive health and  immune health (autoimmune/allergies), I also love working with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

As a team Gabriella, Tim and myself work together by pooling together our knowledge.

Look forward to meeting you,


My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
  • Advanced Diploma in Functional Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy
  • Certificate in Metabolic Typing
  • Certificate in Frequency Specific Microcurrent
  • Association Memberships: ATMS & CMA
  • Registered Provider for Private Health Rebates

Anna-Lisa Focareta: Practice Manager

I’m the Practice Manager of Body Energy and Integrated Health Therapies and the primary practitioner of frequency specific microcurrent, a pain management therapy. I have always been fond of natural therapies, my husband and my two daughters eat fresh wholefood meals and stay active.

It always made sense to me that health treatment should begin here. I grew up with Maria, we went to highschool together and so our professional relationship naturally evolved.

See you soon,



My qualifications include:

  • Certificate in Frequency Specific Microcurrent


Mary Nicolas, Practice Coordinator

Hi I’m responsible of ensuring the smooth running of Integrated Health Therapies. I really enjoy working with our team of practitioners, we have a great environment and most importantly we have fun. If you need to book an appointment with our practitioners, get supplements, chase test results, I’m here to help you and support you.





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