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Need more information and support why not check out if one of our programs or ebooks will suit you. Both free and paid eBooks!

How to Do Menopause

Get menopause ready!

Breeze through menopausal weight gain and learn the secrets of successful ageing! The executive program for women in their 40’s, 50’s & beyond!A 6 month Menopause program. The must-do course for all women to help manage the symptoms and conditions of menopause.

Find out if this course is right for you. Book your free 30 minute consult today.

10 Days to Feeling Better

Get menopause ready!

Try the #1 strategy that has helped our clients with fatigue, weight issues, and generally feeling crappy to feel better in just 10 minutes a day! Download for FREE today.

Free Menopause e-guide!

What to Put on Your Plate for Balanced Hormones, More Energy & a Healthy Metabolism!

Are you a woman in your 40’s, 50’s or beyond wanting to learn how to shift your menopausal weight gain? Learn what you can do right now to make a change to your health, hormones & metabolism.

eBook 12 Natural Pharmaceutical Alternatives

Free Ebook

12 Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals – eBook

Too many drugs?

Can your body manage naturally? Is your body overwhelmed and reliant on pharmaceutical drugs when theyre are alternatives?

eBook 12 Natural Pharmaceutical Alternatives

Super Nutrients for Baby Making

Looking for information on how your diet affects fertility?

This is a great eBook that helps walk you through the nutrition you need to help you get your health on track to facilitate fertility and then the growth of your baby.

Find out where your nutrient gaps are; what are you missing? Which nutrients should you concentrate on and when?

Pantry Detox

‘The Pantry Detox’ with Supermarket Swap

I teamed up with Nabula from Supermarket Swap to create this FREE guide.

This is a great way to get started in identifying foods that have nasty additives or chemicals that aren’t good for you or your loved ones!

Nutritional Supplements

Check out our selected nutritional supplements available for purchase with detailed information of their use.

Pathology Testing

Why guess when you can test! Pathology testing reveals what is happening with your biochemistry, an extremely valuable resource in understanding your health.