Infertility & Preconception Care

Infertility & Preconception Care

There is never a time that is more important to pay attention to what you are doing to your body, than the months before conceiving. You want to prime and prepare your body to host, nourish and grow another human being. Eating not only well but including “fertility superfoods”, sleeping well, avoiding environmental chemicals, exercising and reducing stressors are key. Not only do we want our child to be healthy, we want to feel good while this is happening, so we can better serve our new bubs and ourselves.

Infertility issues are so devastating, exhausting and disappointing. There can be many reasons for infertility both known and unknown. If these lifestyle modifications don’t assist fertility, and you do go for  IUI or IVF treatment, at least you know your body is ready for these treatments.

To learn what steps you need to take for you and your baby

What’s Going On With Infertility?

Why has infertility become such a massive problem? Are we waiting too long until we start trying to conceive? Are we more stressed out than our ancestors? Are we exposed to more chemicals then we previously were? Are our diets as good as they where in the past? What are our immune systems doing?  These are actually the very factors that are contributing to the growing levels of infertility! There can be many causes of infertility such as those listed below. Some are obvious and some less obvious, effecting not only us ladies but men too!  For those of you who are not yet pregnant, there is never a time that is more important to pay attention to what you are doing to your body, than the months before conceiving. Good mood and energy are vital to cope with the times ahead – throughout pregnancy, then breastfeeding, then coping with the lack of sleep, and let us not forget the massive responsibility and life changes that come with a newborn!

Pathology Testing – The Preconception Insurance!

Even if you feel your diet is the best diet in the world, you should put it to the test, is it serving you the way you think? Pathology testing is never as critical, than the months leading up to pregnancy and during pregnancy. You may not be absorbing the nutrients from your food or you might have genetic snips which effect how nutrients are handled. Checking to see what your immune system is doing and how various hormones are behaving can be priceless. We are thorough and fussy about what we test for and so should you be!

What To Do If You Can’t Conceive?

The first aspect and very important factor to consider in infertility is that both the male and the female should be checked, and it should be for more than ovarian and sperm problems. Nutritional, immune and environmental tests can be done. The research shows that there are many lifestyle factors that can block fertility and so a lifestyle overhaul might be the order of the day! We want to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed, so starting with the most important things first is the way to go. 

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