‘The Pantry Detox’ with Supermarket Swap

by | Aug 20, 2021 | General Health Information, Nutrition

‘The Pantry Detox’ with Supermarket Swap

by | Aug 20, 2021 | General Health Information, Nutrition

 Pantry Detox – It’s Here!


I teamed up with Nabula from Supermarket Swap to create this FREE guide. This is a great way to get started in identifying foods that have nasty additives or chemicals that aren’t good for you or your loved ones!

Learn what to watch out for, how to substitute supermarket items, basically how to make better choices. Let’s face it most of us don’t have the time to work it out ourselves!

It’s an amazing detox guide including 7-simple-steps to create positive change as well as a Supermarket Swap cheat sheet that outlines which numbers to avoid.

This guide is a great way to clean up your pantry and start your new healthy lifestyle!’

Don’t forget to also subscribe to Supermarket Swap and join their instagram page to see the swaps you can make.

Need further support? Reach out to one of us đŸ™‚ Follow the link here to get your copy for FREE! 

Good luck!

Maria Harpas

Natural Health Medicine 


AUTOIMMUNITY – Stop the body’s attack on itself!

Autoimmunity or autoimmune conditions, relate to diseases (of which there are more than 80), where the immune system is attacking the body’s own healthy tissues and cells. This insult on the body by the immune system could be localized, to a specific organ or it could be systemic, effecting various parts of the body. This can change the way an organ or body systems functions and can cause damage and inflammation, resulting in many different symptoms.

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