If you have had trouble meditating before – or are simply put off by the idea of trying to meditate – this practical opportunity will introduce a range of simple but powerful techniques. Then you can choose what works best for you. Our team at Natural Health Medicine can show you how to meditate your way.

How can breath work & meditation improve your health?

When we are stressed the adrenal glands release cortisol. And if cortisol levels are high due to ongoing stress, it interferes with gastric function. This can then create and increase food intolerance. It can also increase blood sugar levels, suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure. Stress also breaks down muscle.

In summary, the regular practice of meditation can:

  • reduce the possibility of high blood pressure
  • strengthen muscles
  • assist with digestive issues and food-based allergies
  • reduce fluid retention

Meditation can also help your health in a number of other ways.

We are not our thoughts

Okay, this is a radical view for many of us. But the process of meditation can help you look at your thoughts objectively, and even question them. This exercise in detachment can be surprisingly simple, highly practical and remarkably powerful.

Meditation helps to keep you ‘present’

Don’t miss life by not wanting to be where you are right now. Many of us are so driven by what we want to achieve that we forget to experience life as it is. Meditation is one tool that can help you to get ‘here’.

As meditation brings you from the future or the past to the present, it will begin to show where your priorities are – and those potholes you keep falling into. A little bit of clarity can take you a long way…and the ride will be much smoother.

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