Deep Dive Into Your Biochemistry

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Menopause

Deep Dive Into Your Biochemistry

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Menopause

An individualised approach for you

Having some understanding of what is actually happening to your body from a symptom perspective is one thing, being able to reveal your biochemistry through pathology tests to provide context is quite another. Pathology tests provide such an unbelievable insight into which direction lifestyle and dietary changes should take and reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

We all have specific genetic profiles, we have different family histories, we have had different lives to this point, and we all have developed various eating, sleeping, exercise and lifestyle habits.

Why testing?

With the correct skilled interpretation, testing is like looking “under the bonnet”, your bonnet, and can identify your vitamin and mineral status, and how your organs and pathways are operating. Tests can also identify inflammatory, autoimmune, immune, thyroid and metabolic issues.

This is critical in allowing not only targeted treatment but also allows us to isolate what you don’t need to bother with.

In a sea of so many ways to deal with our changing bodies, we want to narrow down our focus.

We have to understand that results have strengths and limitations, and context is key.

Some markers provide a snapshot of something that is constantly moving and others provide more reliable information but when pulled together a pattern emerges.

The beauty is that each test answers a question about what is happening with your body from a biochemical perspective and this cannot be underestimated! 

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