Ever wanted to do a juice cleanse?

Well, we have partnered with Nadia K, who has become the juice cleanse guru! Nadia can assist you with info about this type of cleanse and provide you with her perfect juices also!

Juice cleanses can be useful at certain times when we might want to fast in a gentler way, or when you might want to give your digestion a break there are many reasons why a little reset is in order. I highly recommend if you are coming from a highly processed diet to move out of that slowly and then do a juice cleanse. If you are working with a practitioner please check with them that they feel it’s a good time to “juice cleanse” your body 🙂

Below is Nadia’s information on the juice cleanses and the mind’s role in disease and the importance of giving the body a rest and detoxify for optimal health!


Maria xx


Why juice cleanse?

The average person carries around 10 pounds of uneliminated fecal matter in their body.

This toxic waste clogs up our organs, digestive tract, and lymphatic system and poisons our circulatory system – aka our blood, which feeds our brain and causes mental unrest on a daily basis.

Together with artificial man-made foods containing harmful chemical additives, that provide little to no nutrition to our already starving cells, most of us are overeating the wrong foods, which causes greater blockages to our already overworked bodily systems.

When our bodies are blocked up – this can cause disease. The type of disease depends on whereabouts the blockage is in the body, which is often reflective of emotional wounding/weakness in that area, and thus the physical body in that area, as they are closely connected.

To heal the disease, we must first remove the toxic waste from that area, and then heal the emotional wounding, which will automatically come up to heal, as the waste is eliminated through the juice cleansing process.

Through Juice Cleansing, we not only remove the physical blockages, which negatively impact our body and cause mental unrest, we naturally restore our body to peak health, by feeding it an alkaline concentrate of high-frequency alive nutrition, from Mother Nature’s purest source of plant foods, vegetables and herbs.

When We Juice Cleanse, This aids healing!


Things we need to get right when Juice Cleansing.

  1. We MUST ensure we are doing the Right Juice Cleanse for us. There is no ONE BOX fits all in Juice Cleansing, and anyone who says that is uneducated about the damages that can occur when juice cleansing is not done for your body and state of health. I have seen people break out in rashes, spike candida, or increase inflammation because they were doing the wrong cleanse for their bodies.
  2. We MUST not have ANY chemicals whatsoever in our Juice Cleanse. It is vital when we are at our most sensitive, that we only have pure nutrition coming in, not cause irritation from chemically covered produce. This was my number one issue when buying fresh juices from cafes, I would always react because there were sprays in the produce that was juiced (which I could taste when drinking).
  3. We MUST ensure we are following Mother Nature’s Food combining rules. This was the other problem I faced when buying fresh juices, no one seemed to understand food combining, and how putting the wrong fruits and vegetables caused gasses in the body, bloating and irritation.
  4. We MUST ensure we are using a Cold Press Juicer. With your average Juicer, most of the nutrition is lost through oxidization and the heat caused by the high-speed blades, leaving little to no shelf life, meaning juices will go bad in 15 minutes. Using a slow press, cold press or masticating juicer, ensures you are getting the maximum amount of nutrition from Mother Nature’s Foods.
  5. We MUST ensure juices are made fresh. Any juice that claims to last longer than a week, contains artificial preservatives which are harmful to our bodies. Fresh is ALWAYS best.
  6. We MUST ensure that the electricity from the juicer does not travel into the juice we are then drinking. We are electrical beings, but the electrical currents from electrical appliances, such as juicing machines, are not natural to our bodies and disturb our field.
  7. Lastly, we MUST ensure each juice is made with the right energy and intent. You will not believe how much of an effect negative energy has on food and drink. Juices that are made in a commercial workplace where there is no love or healing intent, change the molecular structure of the juice, which plays detriment to the client. I have seen juices ferment in a matter of 30mins because the person making them was angry. It is vital that pure love and intent are put into each juice.


Juicing with Nadia K prides itself in making the Highest Frequency Juices on the market.

They go to every length to ensure that you receive the Ideal Juice Cleanse tailored to your current health situation and your body’s needs.


Benefits of Juicing with Nadia K

(1) Enjoy 5 or 6 x 500ml FRESHLY MADE Organic Spray Free Cold Press Juices delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to cleanse for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 to 30 days.

(2) Receive your very own step-by-step cleansing program guide to follow, with tips and tricks to ensure you to get the most out of your juice cleanse.

(3) All Nadia K Juices are made FRESH DAILY and delivered to your doorstep just a few hours after made, unlike most commercially made juices that rely heavily on preservatives to keep shelf life.

(4) All juices are made with Premium Norwalk Cold Press or Slow Press Masticating Juicers, to ensure the maximum amount of nutrients are extracted out of the fruits, leafy greens, herbs and vegetables through the slow cold press process, which decreases oxidisation, keeps the juice cool and allows juices to last up to 4 days.

(5) All juice recipes follow specific food combining rules so as to avoid fermentation, bloating and irritation in the gut, and can be tailored to cater for food intolerances, specific medical conditions and delicate taste buds

(6) Juices are made from locally sourced fresh chemical and spray-free produce

(7) Specific homegrown herbs are used in the juices that aid the cleanse, target specific organs & intensify the healing benefits

(8) All Juices are charged individually with Tesla Plates to remove all electrical currents from the juice that have come from the juicer and to increase the life force and organic shelf life of the juice in accordance with Mother Natures natural resonance.

(9) All juices are energetically lifted by the process of Reiki. Reiki enhances and lifts the vibrational energy quality of each juice, allowing maximum healing to occur in each and every client.

(10) All juice cleanses can be tailored specifically to the client’s requirements

(11) All Juices are made by the most Amazing High-Frequency Healers, to ensure you get the highest frequency healing opportunity in each and every jar.

Glass jars are used to avoid the chemicals from plastic leaching into the juice, which causes hormonal imbalances.


Juicing with Nadia K, they offer over 260 Juice Cleanses – and can cater for all types of disease


Every person is unique where they are at, so it is important to choose the right juice cleanse for you.

Signature Green Healing Cleanse: with no fruit, is our signature cleanse and is tailored for people with autoimmune conditions, arthritis, sensitivities to sugar, gut issues, candida, parasites, inflammatory diseases, hypersensitivities, IBS, poor digestion and acidosis.


The Green Cleanse also helps those with: Thyroid disease (Hashimotos), Viruses (ALL, including COVID-19), the common cold & flu, lung diseases, lupus, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), intestinal issues, liver disease, pneumonia, fungal infection, leaky gut, Parkinson’s disease, adverse effects from vaccinations, Alzheimer’s disease, sinusitis, parasitic conditions or viral related infections, sleep disorders, shingles, asthma, HPV, TBI, measles, multiple sclerosis (MS), mumps, and muscular dystrophy.


Juicing Benefits include:

– Heightened Spiritual awareness and increased consciousness

– Losing excess weight where needed and increasing metabolism

– Clearing skin, thickening hair & nails and brightening whites of eyes

– Increased concentration, alertness, focus and brain power

– Cleaning out old toxic wastes, heavy metals, acids, mucus and decayed cells from your body

– Regulating hormones and aiding the healing of your adrenals

– Resetting your biorhythms (body clock) and improving sleep habits

– Eliminating toxic stored emotions and releasing past trauma

– Cleaning out blockages and repairing your body’s energy systems

– A deeper connection to yourself and communication with your body

– Bringing clarity, passion, inspiration and focus back into your life

Healing your body and restoring you to Peak Physical Health!


Juice Cleansing allows your digestive system to rest, and focus 100% of its energy on removing stored toxic waste products, whilst feeding it with high-frequency alkaline nutrition, that assists with the repairing of your organs and bodily functions.

With the right cleanse, environment, intentions, and openness to receive healing, YOU ARE CAPABLE OF HEALING ANYTHING!


If you want to purchase the juice cleanse please visit this link here.

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