Australian Healthy Eating – Seasonal Produce

Eating with the seasons, is an aspect of Australian Healthy Eating nearly forgotten!  We can access tomatoes and cucumbers all year rounds, even though these foods, only grow naturally, in summer. Taking the lead and following nature is the way to go, when it comes to, what to eat and when. Certain foods grow in certain weather conditions, this means that we would not naturally have one particular food available to us all year round.

Listed below are all the reasons why this is beneficial to your health:

  • Adds a variety of nutrients to the diet, as you are forced to stop eating one food and move to another
  • Avoids overdosing on certain compounds in foods which taken for too long can become problematic eg oxalic acid found in spinach
  • Foods eaten in their season taste better!
  • Keeps whole food eating interesting to our palates.
  • Specific issues such as extra inflammation from sugary fruits are compensated by the extra vitamin D you should also be getting from sun exposure because its summer.

Not sure what is in Season and when?

Here is the “General Australian Seasonal Produce Guide”


Fruit Season(s)
Apples Autumn
Bananas All Year
Blackberries Summer
Blueberries Summer
Cherries Summer
Figs Autumn
Grapefruit Winter Spring
Grapes Summer Autumn
Kiwifruit Autumn Winter
Lemons Autumn Winter Spring
Mandarins Winter
Melons (Honeydew) Summer
Melons (Rockmelon) Summer
Melons (Watermelon) Summer Autumn
Nectarines Summer Autumn
Orange (Valencia) Summer
Oranges (Navel) Winter Spring
Peaches Summer Autumn
Pears Autumn
Pears (Nashi) Autumn
Persimmons Autumn
Plums Summer Autumn
Quinces Autumn
Raspberries Summer
Strawberries Summer



Vegetables Season(s)
Artichokes Spring
Asparagus Spring Summer Autumn
Beans Summer Autumn
Beanshoots All Year
Beetroot Spring Summer Autumn
Broccoli All Year
Brussels Sprouts Winter Spring
Cabbage Spring Summer Autumn
Capsicums Summer
Carrots Summer Autumn Winter
Cauliflower All Year
Celery Summer
Chillies Summer
Cucumbers Summer Autumn
Eggplant Summer Autumn
Fennel Winter Spring
Leeks Spring Summer
Lettuces Summer Autumn
Mushrooms All Year
Peas Spring
Potatoes Autumn Winter
Pumpkins Summer Autumn
Rhubarb Spring Summer
Silverbeet Winter Spring
Snow Peas Summer Autumn
Spinach Winter Spring Summer
Spring Onion Summer Autumn
Sweetcorn Summer Autumn
Tomatoes Summer Autumn
Turnips Summer Autumn
Zucchini Summer Autumn


Sourced from the Seasonal Food Guide Australia

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