FREE Introduction to Nutritional Psychiatry by Rachel Arthur

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Mental Health, Nutrition

My long time mentor Rachel Arthur has created this amazing video which helps us understand the role NUTRITION has on our MOOD!  This is an absolute must watch for everyone, weather that be for yourself, or to understand what others possibly close to you may be going through, understand what your friends or family may need – it’s a critical watch.

Enjoy –  30-minute viewing 🙂

Maria Harpas


Rachel Arthur Bio:

With over 20 years of experience in the clinic and the ‘classroom’ as one of the top practitioners and educators in integrative nutrition and health, Rachel Arthur has attracted a large following of clinicians who value her outstanding independent, unbiased education and leadership.

With a particular interest and highly developed skill-set in diagnostics, Rachel is particularly known for developing this in others – from scratch or by rapidly growing their existing knowledge base. Rather than always reaching for expensive, pay out of pocket functional testing, Rachel opens up a new world for many, by maximising the insights and understanding practitioners can obtain from mainstream pathology results for each patient.

In this way, she endeavours to truly build the bridge we can all walk across that connects mainstream medicine and naturopathy, nutrition and integrative health.

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