Understanding Inherited Genetics and Their Impact on Our Health

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Nutrition

The power in understanding our inherited genetics and their impact upon our health is an extremely attractive concept and is now within our reach like never before!

Our genes, inherited from our parents, regulate how we look, how our body functions and how we grow and develop. While we can’t change our genes, we need not think they necessarily determine our fate, environmental influences determine the impact our genetics have upon our health.

Whilst genetic testing can be an incredibly useful tool for identifying which variants you have (otherwise known as mutations or polymorphisms) and any potential health risks they may pose – understanding and determining their impact can be powerful.

What Genetic Testing Means For You

If we can’t change our genes, then what’s the point?

Well, diet and lifestyle factors may affect the genetic risk factors associated with developing a disease. Smoking, over-eating, alcohol consumption, nutrient deplete diets can all impact your wellbeing, but based on your personal genes, understanding which factors need particular attention and which ones may not be as important, is an exciting step forward in understanding and managing your health.

This can provide you with the basis to use supplementation, giving you a bigger bang for your buck – especially in relation to preventative care.

Consuming adequate amounts of the right nutrients and avoiding unnecessary exposure to certain toxins and environmental elements can help you reduce the risk of DNA damage which may lead to the onset of disease.

The Benefits of Acting Early – Get Your Genetic Test Today

Testing one or two or more genes if the likelihood of a variant was suspected can give you a far more comprehensive understanding of your genetic predispositions.

If you have a family history of certain medical conditions, this can help structure your health plan, put your mind at ease knowing you don’t have the same genetic predisposition (and have the same risk level as the general population), or take certain precautions and make the right lifestyle choices to proactively manage your health.

The earlier you understand your genetic profile, the earlier you can make informed decisions about your choices and their impact on your health and wellbeing.

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