Naturopathic Medicine Integrating In General Practice?

Naturopathic and alternative therapies, have a huge roll to play in our health care! It looks like some general practitioners are now agreeing, with a view to educating other GP’s, on the importance of an integrated approach in general practice, here is an interview with Professor Kerryn Phelps and Dr Craig Hassed on the topic and a yet more on the topic, by Carl Gibson, cheif executive of Complementary Medicine Australia.

It makes sense that, when we have any health issue with our body, that we should check, that the things required to keep our body alive, are all in place. For us humans that is food, water, sunexposure, air and rest. Before all else we should ask the question, does the food I eat have all the nutrients my body needs, is the air I breath clean, is my body getting quality sleep etc etc. If not what do I need to do to ensure that these needs are met. Of course our mind plays a roll with our beliefs and so this needs to be considered to assist how we view making changes.

If we want a plant to thrive, we give it what it needs, water, nutrient rich soil, sunexposure, and care – we wouldn’t replace the water with soft drinks, and then scratch our heads as to why our plant is not thriving! So for many of us naturopathic and alternative therapies are not “complementary”, but rather integral and first line treatment, in all health conditions (except emergency)!



  “Nutrition is not “alternative, not complementary” it is a basic requirement of health and central to good medicine. Proper application of nutritional medicine can prevent disease, save lives, and in the long term, is profoundly more economical than virtually any other medical discipline”

– Professor Ian E Brighthope



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