Margherita Officer

Naturopath and Clinical Nutrition

I’m am very proud of being involved with Natural Health Medicine, Maria is a colleague and friend from school so our relationship is build on fun, honesty, integrity and love of health.

You know I have been a practicing Naturopath for 19 years and I still get excited and love this dynamic industry of heath.

As a teenage I was exposed to Natural or Complimentary Medicine when my very young father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour.

As a family we turned to a more natural medicine approach to care for him at home, we met amazing practitioners and they all helped my father be peaceful, drug free and allowed him to be cared for at home which he so very much wanted.

I was studying Beauty Therapy and my teacher at the time Ms Janice Smith, founder of Jurlique and Janesce saw how I was struggling with my father’s illness and gave me my first Louise Hay book – “You can health your life”.

What I think this did was planted a seed that ensured I came back to study Natural Medicine in my late 20’s.

I felt health was a huge responsibility and was not ready to embark on that journey as a 20 year old so I worked in the fashion industry in Adelaide and Florence, Italy and absolutely loved it as a young single person getting up to mischief and fun.

But at some point the stressful, shallow lifestyle of the fashion world really started to bother me and I decided to return home to study Naturopathy & Nutrition and haven’t looked back.

I soaked up everything they taught me and I was so fortunate to work along side Dr Margaret (Margi) Taylor who employed me as her Naturopath and taught me to use the Vega machine. We were together in many of her consults where I learned to blend the orthodox medicine of a GP with Naturopathy.

As a qualified Naturopath I go back to basics and love that the nutrient dense whole food, sleep and healthy relationships do wonders in starting the healing process. This personalized holistic approach is sometimes much more powerful allowing us to achieve fabulous outcomes of optimal or vastly improved health.

As I mentioned I work with Vega testing which is particularly useful when working with children, it’s non-invasive and can give us clues to food sensitivities that we can follow up with pathology testing for more accurate diagnosis when needed.

The gut, emotional health as well as allergies, skin and fertility are passions of mine. I love that my career has grown with my family, allowing me to raise 3 boys, supporting them with herbs, homoeopathy and nutrition into being happy,healthy and vital individuals.

Looking forward to meeting you and help you achieve the best vital life possible!


My qualifications include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy
  • Association Memberships: ATMS



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