Victoria Samson

Nutritional Medicine Specialist

My strong appreciation of holistic healing has progressed throughout my life, ultimately leading me to pursue this path of assisting others through Nutritional Medicine – My dream career !

I believe in a multidimensional method; approaching health and wellness through nutrient adequacy, nutrition quality, dietary behaviour and lifestyle factors. This holistic method has a strategic and scientific approach, utilising pathology testing to gain a sound biochemical understanding of each individual so a measured and targeted approach can be used.

Like many, my passion for natural medicine has stemmed from my own past health battles which left me feeling lost.  During my teenage years I struggled with mental illnesses, hormonal imbalances, recurrent infections and a severe lack of self-confidence.
Natural medicine gave me that support I needed, empowering me and shaping my life – allowing me to really appreciate myself and all I was capable of.

My healthier lifestyle and weight loss journey led me to competitive sports where I began competing in natural bodybuilding shows.. Although I’m taking a break from this somewhat unbalanced way of life, I still love to keep active through group fitness classes, hiking and spending time outdoors. Photography and drawing is also a big passion of mine.
As a qualified Nutritional Medicine practitioner, I enjoy working with all areas of health.

My main special interests include:
• Gut health
• Sports nutrition
• Hormonal imbalances
• Weight loss
• Stress and anxiety

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!

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