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Many people see snacks as desserts, but snacks can be wonderful and satisfying without having to be sweet, the secret is to use good fats or some interesting tastes such as those found in antipasto style foods. You can use smaller amounts of meals for snacks, such as a couple of veggie patties or meatballs with a dip, an egg with crushed avocado etc. With just a bit of prep and ensuring your weekly shopping list has some additions to it, you will be good to go:)


Here are some great snack ideas:




  • Sauerkraut (aim for raw)
  • sauted asparagus
  • olives
  • artichokes
  • goats or sheep cheese
  • veggie sticks
  • dips (homemade ones are the best and take under 5 minutes!)
  • sliced spring onion or red onion


*avoid buying the above with additives


*avoid deli meats which contain nitrates




Use any dip of choice with any of the below chopped vegetables such as:


  • snowpeas
  • fennel
  • celery sticks
  • capsicum
  • carrots
  • cucumber


For recipes on dips check out this link

roasted sweet potato dip

roasted sweet potato dip



  • nori sheet (available in the supermarkets in a pack of 10, these are sushi wraps – great source of iodine)
  • spread dip of choice
  • add salad of choice (best if finely chopped)
  • wrap and eat




Slice up any of the following:


  • Fennel
  • Capsicum
  • Kolrabi
  • Radish


Slice up your vegetable of choice on a plate and cover with fresh lemon juice and Celtic sea salt

Lemon Salted Fennel



Using a glass jug blender combine the following:


  • Any leafy greens – Parsley, spinach, lettuces, beetroot leaves, kale, celery leaves, basil, coriander etc – only leaves (use 1 to 3 of these)
  • Banana, apple, pear, peach, any fruit is fine (use 1 of these, can use stevia instead if you need to lower insulin or glucose levels)
  • Water (enough to make it liquid enough to drink- 1 cup approx.)
  • Optional – garlic (great for infections/lowering blood pressure), ginger root (great for nausea/circulation) , turmeric (great for lowering inflammation)


*Only use fresh, organic (best) leafy greens, do not use the hard part or yellowed leaves.


*Add lemon or mint for extra tang




Green smoothie



1 piece of fruit (of choice)


5 raw nuts of choice no peanuts (crushed)


1 tablespoon coconut cream


1 tsp cinnamon


½ tsp molasses


optional add shredded coconut, cacao nibs

fruit mix

fruit mix



Check out this link on different warm drinks 

coconut tumeric latte

coconut tumeric latte

If you have any other snack ideas please share

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