Tori Bowes

Naturopath – Specializing in Fertility, Preconception and Pregnancy Care

I am a strong believer in holistic health and the healing power of nature. My approach is to encourage personal empowerment through changing diet and lifestyle to improve happiness, quality of life and personal satisfaction. In my 7 years in the health industry I have come to understand the wisdom and power of herbal medicine, its efficacy and synergy with the human body.

My clinical focus and passion lies with women’s health, especially preconception and baby care, hormones, allergies and digestive health. I love working with couples. Sharing their journey of health and helping them achieve their dream of a new family. I am fortunate in my role at Natural Health Medicine to support women throughout their preconception care and baby preparation – still in wonder watching their baby bellies grow during their pregnancy. Often I become part of their extended health and support network for them and their new arrival.

My own health journey started with the autoimmune condition ulcerative colitis, as well as chronic eczema and hormone imbalances. By nourishing my body and my mind, healing my digestive system and being kind to myself, I have remained symptom free for several years. I truly believe in the healing power of food, as well as the importance of emotional health in maintaining a resilient and healthy body.

As a qualified naturopath I take a highly personalized and holistic approach to the health of my clients. I provide impartial support and guidance, to help each individual find their own path to healing. By utilising functional pathology testing and clinical insight, I am able to better understand my clients’ health needs. I can design the best approach treatment tailored for you, whilst using pathology to effectively measure success.

At Natural Health Medicine I can offer herbal medicine, nutritional advice, diagnostic testing, evidence based functional pathological testing for hormone health, reproductive and fertility issues. I can also provide support throughout assisted fertility treatment. I look forward to working with you! Tori Bowes

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