If I was granted a few wishes, one would be for everyone to go see “That Sugar Film”,  it is a fantastic educational on all the aspects of sugar, this movie leaves no rock unturned and it’s fun to watch. It certainly provides a true and clear understanding of how dangerous sugar has become in our society. Damon goes through a little experiment which shows us what happens when someone goes from a normal whole food diet to the Aussie “average sugar diet” (not high sugar, just normal!), without even eating one chocolate or lolly. You will learn about how much sugar is found in supposedly “healthy foods”, how addictive it is (apparently more so than illegal drugs!), and  how it effects our mood and our energy levels. If you remove all sugar products from a supermarket, all that would be left is 20{ad0958e2cc4f7ce1b8a4a11258b282f3c28808b1a53d76a4b670a19fad40adab} of their produce!


Imagine a world where….  school canteens would be mortified, to sell anything containing sugar or artificial products to their students……….where sports clubs replace the lollies with fruit and veggie snacks…..where hospitals viewed sugar in their food, just like they view smoking in their hallways…..where child care centers teach children to eat real food….where the government restricts, food companies, by how much sugar goes into their produce and bans artificial chemicals……… and where we get  – that white bread is not a health food!


This film in under two hours will change the way you look at not only the amount of sugar hidden in your food, but the way you go about your every day food choices, enjoy 🙂




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