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Let’s make an better baby


This is one of the most important times in our lives – building a strong, happy and health baby or for some babies!

If you were anything like I was in my pregnancies, you have a lot of worry about whether you are doing everything you should and can be, wondering if you can do things better or if there is anything you have missed. Getting bits of information from here and there and finding it difficult to know exactly what to take and do, is frustrating and time consuming.

For Mums

How  to Increase Your Energy

The best kept secret is the one that comes after our first born arrives!

We prepare so much for the birth the baby room, the baby clothes, the pram, but no one ever tells us exactly how we are going to feel after the birth! Lack of, or no sleep, sore, cracked and bleeding nipples, breast feeds that last for 1 hour, you might never again complete a task from start to finish without interruption and so of course its understandable that tiredness can set in due to these physical and psychological adjustments.

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Bredesen Protocol

Preventing Alzheimer’s Dementia

Dr Bredesen calls it a ‘Cognoscopy’ a bit like a colonoscopy that you get when you turn over 50 that checks for colorectal cancer. A cognoscopy starts to evaluate all the potential contributors and risk factors that are associated with cognitive decline specifically for Alzheimer’s Dementia.

The reality these risks are also significant for improving most brain function and optimising health too!

Save Your Brain

Reversing Alzheimer’s Dementia

Dr Dale Bredesen says you can and as early as 2014 published his first cases showing a reversal of cognitive decline in 9 out of 10 of his cases (Bredesen, 2014). Dale has since published 2 other papers following up on these earlier cases and also including 100 new cases studies also showing improvements – ‘reversal’ in their cognitive abilities (Bredesen, 2016; Bredesen et al 2018).

Reversing Cognitive Decline


Nutrients for Baby & Mum

So, you want to make a baby!

Our Super Nutrient for Baby Making ebook will give you, your nutrient checklist in detail and how to find those nutrients in your diet. We have included charts that show you the foods highest in the most important nutrients to make a healthy baby.


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Your Personal Health Support Team

We are here to support and guide you with our team of naturopaths and nutritional medicine practitioners, directed by Maria Harpas. We use pathology testing to assess your health and risks to allow us to develop a treatment plan just for YOU. We can also work closely with your GP to organize lab tests, coordinate your treatment, and measure your progress. The best outcome for YOU is what we want.

Maria Harpas

Director, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Gabriella Sassi

Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Tim Jaeger

Nutritional Medicine Specialist & Bredesen Protocol Certified

Anne Clarke

Counsellor, Clincal Hyponotherapist, Naturopath & Bredesen Protocol certified

Jo Kastrappi


Margherita Officer

Naturopath and Clinical Nutrition


Tamas Gyimesi

Life Coaching & Kinesiology Facilitator

Anna-Lisa Focareta




You are different

You need a tailored treatment plan, using pathology testing to accurately and scientifically assess your health and risks.

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