Super Nutrients for Baby Making

If you want to ensure that you prepare right before falling pregnant or if you are pregnant keep reading to get the most vital nutrients needed for your growing baby.

This is one of the most important times in our lives – building a strong, happy and healthy baby.

If you were anything like I was in my pregnancies, you have a lot of worry about whether you are doing everything you should and can be, wondering if you can do things better or if there is anything you have missed. Getting bits of information from here and there and finding it difficult to know exactly what to take and do, is frustrating and time consuming.

Babies need many nutrients to grow including large amounts of the right fats and proteins as well as smaller amounts of particular vitamins and minerals. When you listen to fans of plant based foods, like me you probably don’t feel confident that you have all the information you need for your growing child. You would hate to have missed out on some simple yet vital information.

This is where I come in, I have 12 years of clinical experience working with women just like you and 10 years of personal experience as a vegan/vegetarian. I have written an eBook “Super Nutrients for Baby Making” to help you clear the muddy waters and provide you with the most important and critical nutrient information in a very practical and easy way to understand.

Read on and I will show you some of the things to focus on (and what not to do) to make your pregnancy as reassuring as possible!

Sarah Wright Olsen

Maria’s supernutrient ebook is broken down so beautifully, it blew me away. It is a valuable resource and enabled me to feel equipped with practical information to ensure my body, and baby, are both getting all the nutrients they need to thrive. A must purchase – readers are so lucky to have this incredibly valuable information!

Teresa Palmer

Maria is a wealth of knowledge and a guru in her field, from providing us with essential information when developing our Lovewell formulas, to contributing to our book (Zen Mamas – Finding your path through pregnancy, birth and beyond), Maria is extremely professional, always willing to help, and just the loveliest person! I’m so excited to get stuck into her new supernutrient ebook for when it’s time for baby number 4! I highly recommend Maria, her services and expertise.

“All of Maria’s knowledge and experience comes through in this pregnancy eBook. What a great resource for pregnancy, it’s exactly what I would have wanted and what I was looking for to feel supported and guided when I was pregnant”
Christiane Duigan

Co-Founder of Lovewell and covergirl for Clean & Lean -

Super Nutrients for Baby Making by Maria Harpas


Now here are ....... 3 Things you can do right away to get yourself "pregnancy ready" -

1. Make It Whole and Make It Varied

Right now you can make a list of all the plant based foods that exist and start to eat them, check out the ideas list I have made for you. Then make sure that you are eating these foods in their unrefined state or whole form, eg instead of white rice go to brown rice, red or wild rice. Instead of white bread go to a wholemeal sourdough bread. Rather than white sugar remove it and use fruit (the whole lot not just the juice) instead.

Food ideas:

      • Vegetables – include all the colours and throw in the less common veg like fennel, okra, snow peas, different types of lettuces etc…
      • Nuts – we all know almonds and cashews right, but what about hazelnuts or brazil nuts, each type of nut offers different nutrients.
      • Seeds – quinoa yep its a seeds, hemp, chiaseeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds – move between these again for varying nutrients
      • Legumes/lentils – again there is more than just chickpeas, what about black eyed beans this bean lets you cheat, you can boil it up without soaking! Why not soak mung beans so they can sprout ready for salads.  Why not temphe instead of tofu for a change.
      • Fruit – local and seasonal with fruit is the way to go. But also try some of the more exotic fruits rather than always going for pears, apples and berries.


2. Stay Away From Chemicals, Additives & Alcohol

A baby is going to grow inside you! Keep additives out of your diet as much as possible, check your food labels and use organic foods where you can. Stop your alcohol and get used to the strictly no alcohol rule that is essential in pregnancy.

Move to low or no chemical body products and makeup, also move your cleaning products to more natural products. This can take longer to do of course than food, but slowly, slowly as you replace things consider the chemicals and replace with more natural.

Consider your screen time and how close to your body your phone is when it’s charging at night!

3. Find out The Exact Nutrients You Need

There are nutrients that are the keynote speakers when it comes to making a baby – *folate, iodine, choline, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc, pro & prebiotics and omega 3’s*

Without including these it’s impossible to have the best plan for your pregnancy. It’s kinda of like trying to build a house without bricks and mortar, you know what I mean, right. Anything else you do plays a secondary role, all the meditation in the world, even all the purest foods if they don’t contain these nutrients is not a healthy pregnancy plan. Once you know and understand what these nutrients are responsible for and which foods they are found in, you are well on your way to the foundations of a great pregnancy.

Once you get the correct tests done, you will be able to see where your gaps are to be found and then be able to rectify them appropriately. This type of workup will reassure you, which areas are lacking and which are not.

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Iodine as A Super Nutrient

Stop worrying & get the information you need now for your healthy pregnancy

It’s all about knowing where your nutrient gaps are, what are you missing? Which nutrients should you concentrate on and when. The key is to learn how to incorporate foods that will make a difference and which foods hold the key nutrients you need for making great babies.

Get the right tests done, so you know where you stand. The best way is to measure what your diet is giving you and there is never a more important time to know before and during your pregnancy.

Get your copy of my “Super Nutrients for Baby Making” eBook

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When you get the eBook I want you to scan through it a couple times and read parts that jump out at you right away – then go back and read it cover to cover.

Try some of the strategies and recipes for the next few weeks. You will almost always feel better for it and you will feel confident that your journey to give yourself and your baby the best health is now underway, simple and practical.

You will be able to use the eBook as a constant reference as you are going through your pregnancy.

Super Nutrients for Baby Making eBook

eBook - Super Nutrients for Baby Making

eBook – Super Nutrients for Baby Making

Preconception & Pregnancy for Vegetarians, Vegans & Pescatarians

“Super Nutrients for Baby Making eBook, is an excellent resource for vegetarians and vegans whose diets may be deficient in important nutrients to support their fertility and pregnancy. Maria has presented important and well researched information in a very user friendly manner, including food sources of individual nutrients and some excellent recipes.

I’ll be happy to recommend this to my vegetarian / vegan patients who are concerned about how to adapt our clinic’s fertility dietary guidelines – with the one exception that Maria and I have agreed to differ on – the use of soy products. I’d also add that the most important thing that anyone can do for their fertility is to eat organically grown foods wherever possible, avoiding the multiple toxins found in non-organic produce that can not only affect fertility, but the healthy development of the baby.”

Francesca Naish

Founder & Director of the Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management with 40 years experience in the industry and author of 6 books (published internationally) -

If you need more help then why not book in for a personal one on one consult?

I will go through all your results (or help you have them run) and sort out exactly what you need to do.


Maria xx