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Something New – Something Better!

by | Jun 17, 2018 | General, Health News

Something New – Something Better!

You may have noticed a few things have been changing at Natural Health Medicine, we have a new logo and website and five new fantastic handpicked practitioners to add to our team but more importantly we have been keeping and improving on what we do best.

Oh, breaking news we will be moving clinic too!

We are heading over to a completely new clinic at 102 Portrush Road Payneham South (30th July 2018 is our first day). There will be a beautiful new reception area (Mary is very happy!) with lovely natural light and great new retail displays for you to choose your pantry stock from. We will be expanding some of our range too, providing you with the things we like to use in our lives and kitchens.

The Old

Maria Harpas has been working as the sole clinician here for over 10 years now and has been working hard on her vision to create a team of therapists with the same unique care, science based and detailed approach to nutritional and naturopathic care that she has developed.

It’s difficult for one person to help more and more people – time is limited – it becomes overwhelming and patients don’t end up getting the kind of support that we would really like to provide.

The New

As part of this vision we needed:

  • A collaborative practice model that teams degree trained providers like naturopaths and nutritional medicine specialists with the best online systems and supportive practitioner assistants.
  • A higher level of support for patients on making diet/lifestyle changes and implementing their treatment protocols
  • A team approach to care where patients benefit from the combined experience of several different practitioners

Great and effective care also needs better community and interaction, so we have created group classes ‘The Foundations of Health’, as one of the ways to create more of a community and health culture and to take you through the all the groundwork you need to improve your health. It’s also a cost effect way of beginning your journey.

We are well on our way of realising this vision of care.

Our Practitioners

As we said before we are really excited to have 5 other practitioners giving us additional layers of care and support to patients. We have also chosen to provide specialist care in specific areas with:

  • Tori giving extra attention to preconception, pregnancy, post pregnancy care;
  • Tim giving us a new focus on brain health with programs designed to optimise cognitive function and prevent or reverse cognitive decline especially in Alzheimer’s Dementia using the Bredesen Protocol.
  • Gabriella enjoying the challenges of gut and skin health, autoimmunity and mood – mental health.
  • Victoria has a specific interest in ‘Clinical Reverse Dieting’ & Clinical Coaching specialist support for Athletes & fitness fanatics or the weekend warrior wanting to get the most out of themselves, weight loss, mental and hormonal health and
  • Anne about to begin as our very own NHM specialist counsellor (with a Masters in Counselling Practice) and hypnotherapist, but also a qualified Naturopath so understands everything we do here at NHM. Sorry Anne we don’t have your profile ready for the website but coming soon!

Maria will continue to focus on immune issues, including autoimmunity and allergy.

Most importantly, all of these practitioners share the same approach – a combination of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine with diet and lifestyle optimisation for a better you.

This means that you get effective, consistent, high-quality care across the entire team, regardless of which of us you see.

We have still much more planned for the future but we are energized and eager to help you on your own health journey – please click below to learn more about:

We look forward to seeing you in clinic

All the best from the Natural Health Medicine Team better Functional Medicine and Nutrition

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    Last one to utiilze this is a rotten egg!

    • Tim Jaeger

      Yes, we are hoping everyone we continue to love what we are trying to do, hope to meet and see you all at the new clinic on 102 Portrush Road Payneham South from the 1st of August 2018!

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