Super Nutrients for Baby Making by Maria Harpas


So, you want to make a baby!

Our supernutrient ebook will give you, your nutrient checklist in detail and how to find those nutrients in your diet. We have included charts that show you the foods highest in the most important nutrients to make a healthy baby.

You will learn about what nutrients are needed at each stage of pregnancy and how each nutrient works. This includes some great tips on how to apply it in your every day food regime.

Plus there is a list of the pathology tests you should consider so you are sure you aren’t missing out on anything vital.

Whilst its specific to vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians – omnivores alike will find it just as valuable.

About The Author – My name is Maria Harpas and I have been working as a naturopath and nutritionist for 12 years, in Adelaide, South Australia. I am the director of Natural Health Medicine, a clinic that has a multitude of other practitioners to support and guide people with their health. I  had a decade of my life where I was a vegetarian, with periods of raw food and veganism during that time. I have two sons who are now 19 and 16 years old and I managed my pregnancies with both my boys during my vegetarian years.