Nurish Activated Granola 1kg


  • Hand-made in the Adelaide Hills.
  • Gluten, grain, dairy & sugar-free
  • Vegan, Paleo- friendly
  • Low carb and high in protein.
  • High quality, wholesome and nutritious ingredients.
Nurish Granola offers more than a delicious and healthy meal. What makes Nurish granola stand out?
  • It’s made with activated ingredients to promote digestion and to allow the body to get the most out of the nutrients. As a result even those of us with sensitive digestive systems can enjoy Nurish granola. 

  • It’s high in proteins and good fats, but low in sugar and carbohydrates.

  • It’s wholesome without any additives such as sugar, artificial colours/flavours or preservatives that enhance flavour, appearance or shelf life.

  • It’s handmade with quality ingredients, ethically sourced, 50% organic and 45% Australian grown.


Organic roasted coconut, raw activated nuts and seeds (Australian grown almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds and organic pumpkin seed), cashews, organic goji berries, chia seeds, organic cinnamon, organic virgin coconut oil.


Serving suggestion

Mix with (vegan)yoghurt/your favourite nut milk and berries, on smoothies or enjoy it on its own as a delish & nutritrish trail mix.

Use some honey or maple syrup to add extra sweetness!