Stress Management eCourse – Mind Power


This eCourse will help you to understand the impact that your emotions have on your mental and physical health, and how you can influence those emotions to change your reaction, impacting your health and happiness.


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Mind Power eCourse

Is Mind Power for you?

Mind Power is for people who:

  • Have done lots of ‘self help’ work, spiritual work and are still looking for answers
  • Have no understanding about how the mind works
  • Want to improve their relationships in their lives
  • Want to be more caring and compassionate
  • Want to focus and put more energy in the positives in life
  • Want to learn how to meditate and live in the moment
  • Have chronic health conditions such as chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, cancer.
  • Want to develop SELF awareness
  • Want to stop thinking and worrying themselves out of the present moment
  • Want a greater connectedness to others, without getting caught up
  • Want to become more productive
  • Are sick of being busy all the time
  • Have a mind that never stops

Please note. The ideas and suggestions contained in this eCourse are not intended as a substitute for consultations with health care professionals.

What specifically will you learn?

Module 1: Beliefs & Emotions

  • Identify what you want from life, and what influences your behaviour
  • Learn what thoughts and Ideas are, and how to identify them
  • Understand what a ‘belief’ is, and how that impacts your emotions
  • Learn what influences your thoughts, ideas and beliefs
  • Understand how emotions are created and influenced

Module 2: Mindfulness & Reality

  • Learn about living in the past, present and future, and how that impacts you
  • Understand what Meditation is, and how to use it to bring yourself in the present moment
  • Learn the difference between thoughts and reality
  • Learn the importance of accepting reality and how this will impact your life

Module 3: Basic Concepts

  • Learn why it is important to focus on your own business
  • Learn how stress manifests, how to identify signs of stress, and how to effect it in the early stages
  • Learn how setting goals can exacerbate stress
  • Understanding the concepts of labels, and cause and effect.
  • How our intentions effect our relationships


Module 4: Victim & Observer

  • Learn about the Victim Triangle, and how we can sometimes get caught up in negative patterns
  • Understand how to move into Observer Consciousness, a positive state of being
  • Learn how to become powerful from perceivably powerless situations in your life

Module 5: Questioning your thoughts

  • Learn how to question your beliefs
  • Learn how to see other peoples perspectives without judgement
  • Learn how to avoid taking things personally



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