Clinical Reverse Dieting – Nutrition Plan


The nutrition plan program includes a more structured approach to Clinical Reverse Dieting and is best suited to those wanting a more rigid plan that is free from calorie counting.


Clinical Reverse Dieting

Reverse dieting, a technique often used in athletes, works by using the body’s adaptive nature to our advantage. It entails slowly increasing a persons calories and decreasing their exercise back up to a healthy and maintainable level without stimulating the body to make radical changes (i.e. weight gain!). Reverse dieting allows us to reach a range a goals but is especially useful in allowing dieters to return to a level of normality without experiencing the same reactivity to food.  It can be used to rectify a slow metabolism and achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss while not reaching unhealthy levels of deprivation!

Reverse dieting is a slow and controlled process, using a person’s anthropometric measurements (weight, measurements, body composition scans etc) to assess their body’s response to their altering nutrition – Not one plan or approach will work for everyone!

The clinical aspect of reverse dieting delves ‘under the bonnet’ to pinpoint and assist any handbrakes to our health. Progress can be stalled due to hormonal issues, fatigue, nutrient deficiencies, thyroid conditions, poor gut health and a range of other conditions – The body must be working optimally! Reversing out someone’s diet clinically allows us to provide a holistic approach, using pathology testing, dietary interventions and supplementation to assist the process and maintain good health.

The ultimate goal of clinical reverse dieting is to place a person in a position where they’re at a happy and healthy weight while living a life free of restrictions and diet-related stress. This ‘diet’ is a means to an end, slowly adapting the body to function at a level which it is less reactive to foods so the yo-yo dieting cycle can finally end. Clinical reverse dieting is aimed to give individuals not only their health back, but their control as well.


Nutrition Plan Program

The nutrition plan program includes a more structured approach to Clinical Reverse Dieting and is best suited to those wanting a more rigid plan that is free from calorie counting. This program includes a weeks diet plan with multiple meal options developed around your health, goals and food likes/ dislikes. This diet can be continued for a number of weeks and is paired with weekly check-in’s which allow email correspondence with Victoria Samson so changes can be made to your diet according to your weekly anthropometic measurements.  As with our other Fitness & Image programs, an initial and review consult is recommended before starting so an insight into your health can be made, allowing for any potential hand breaks to your progress to be addressed.



  • Nutrition plan $190 (introductory price) per re-format
    – One weeks’ worth of nutrition with multiple recipe options (can be used over a number of weeks)
  • Weekly Check-in’s –  initial 8 week program ($20 per week)
    – Weight and measurement tracking
    – Mini health questionnaire
    – Email correspondence with Victoria Samson regarding progress and changes to your plan
    – Motivation and accountability support
  • Access to personalised ‘Health Weight Loss & Lifestyle’ Trello communication and information board


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the weekly check-in program?

Due to the individuality of each case, the program is designed so it may run until the desired results are achieved. Most people will start to see results within 4-weeks but may choose to continue with the program until they’ve reached their desired goal.

Do I need to purchase the nutrition plan to see results?

Clinical Reverse Dieting works best using a consistent style of eating where calories can be roughly determined. This means the plan is best suited to those following an individualised nutrition plan or Macro style of eating. Some individuals may also be able to achieve good results off of intuitive eating.

Can I claim through private health funds?

Yes you can, please advise us at the end of your sessions and we will provide claimable receipts. It important to ensure that you check with your own health fund, as it differs depending on the health provider and your cover. Some allow you to claim group sessions and others do not.



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