Optimal Nutrition for Baby Making

You want to ensure that you prepare right before falling pregnant or if you are pregnant you want to get the most vital nutrients needed for your growing baby. It’s all about knowing where your nutrient gaps are, what might be missing? Which nutrients should you concentrate on and when. The key is to learn how to incorporate foods that will make a difference and which foods hold the key nutrients you need for making great babies.

This is one of the most important times in our lives – building a strong, happy and healthy baby

If you were anything like I was in my pregnancies, you have a lot of worry about whether you are doing everything you should and can be, wondering if you can do things better or if there is anything you have missed. Getting bits of information from here and there and finding it difficult to know exactly what to take and do, is frustrating and time consuming.

Babies need many nutrients to grow including large amounts of the right fats and proteins as well as smaller amounts of particular vitamins and minerals. When you listen to fans of plant based foods, like me you probably don’t feel confident that you have all the information you need for your growing child. You would hate to have missed out on some simple yet vital information.

This is where I come in, I have 12 years of clinical experience working with women just like you and 10 years of personal experience as a vegan/vegetarian. I have written an eBook “Super Nutrients for Baby Making” to help you clear the muddy waters and provide you with the most important and critical nutrient information in a very practical and easy way to understand


Infertility & Preconception Care

There is never a time that is more important to pay attention to what you are doing to your body, than the months before conceiving. You want to prime and prepare your body to host, nourish and grow another human being

8 Steps To A Healthy Pregnancy

So you want to get pregnant? Everyone wants to have a healthy pregnancy, here are our 8 steps to a healthy pregnancy, just some of the things that you can do to help meet this end.

How do you find out what the 10 most vital nutrients are for building a healthy baby?

If you want to ensure that you prepare right before falling pregnant or if you are pregnant keep reading to get the most vital nutrients needed for your growing baby.

Improving Stress Levels In Pregnancy!

At times during our pregnancy it can be a time of, connectedness and tuning in. But at other times, pregnancy can be a continual source of stress, anxiety and/or depression, not only because of the life changes to come, but also due to the massive amounts of circulating hormones and naturally heightened emotions.

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