Insomnia and Natural Treatments in Adelaide

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INSOMNIA – sleep, sleep and more sleep!

Sleep is one of the six key ingredients to our “6 ways to Health” (diet, movement, sleep, environmental influences, stress management, human connection). We are pretty sure that most people agree that its difficult to feel good if sleep isn’t on your itinerary! If you suffer insomnia you would be agreeing on this point we are sure. There is no doubt that without proper sleep our health is compromised!

What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia is classed as a problem when you regularly have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep and it has become quite a common issue. The causes of insomnia vary a lot and certainly is a major cause of fatigue and in many instances poor motivation, irritability, poor concentration and depression of mood.

Causes of INSOMNIA

Insomnia has many causes some of which are listed below, but it can be very useful to understand that our western lifestyles play a major role in this problem and learning which behaviours in particular will go a long way in getting a good nights sleep is extremely helpful:

  • menopause
  • anxiety
  • over thinking
  • chronic pain
  • digestive issues such as re-flux, overeating or food intolerance
  • light – melatonin production requires complete darkness
  • over stimulation prior to sleep such as with the use of electronics etc
  • allergies
  • hyperthyroidism
  • stress
  • sleep apnea
  • alcohol and drug use
  • over heating
  • restless legs
  • noise

Short Term Solutions to INSOMNIA

Before we reach for pharmaceutical drugs as a short term solution, user beware – this is not a safe option yet surprisingly a common one – read more on this here!

So if the usual drugs to help us get our beauty sleep isn’t the answer then what is, we here you say? Well there are many natural safe alternatives that can have you sleeping from day one and these include melatonin, gaba, theanine – some of our favourites, but there are also herbs and other nutrients that you can try some of the more common ones include valerian (not for everyone!), magnesium, withania, passionflower just to name a few.

Long Term Solutions to INSOMNIA

The long term strategy is to start to consider lifestyle factors and start to change habits and create new ones, we have created a “sleep check list” for you to go through one by one to resolve. If the issue is related to a chronic disease or pain our practitioners take you through the process of testing and identifying exactly where the problems are. Never underestimate the value that small inroads into improving your illnesses can have on your sleep, even small reductions in inflammation or minor dietary changes which improve digestion can have massive positive effects on sleep.


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