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Our Signature Approach

Personalised Health Plan

Your consultations are based on personalised health planning which takes place with either Gabriella Sassi, Tori Bowes, Tim Jaeger, Anna Clarke or Maria Harpas.

Below is an outline of what you can expect to happen during your sessions:

Your initial appointment

Upon making your appointment, you will receive an email detailing what you need to know about your appointment. This will also include questionnaires that you need to complete and email, or drop back, prior to your appointment along with previous medical testing results (this is testing you have had in the past through your GP/specialist – ideally if you can gather results from as far back as you can, this will provide a more insightful overview).
In the appointment, we will discuss with you any concerns, go through your history, your health risks and also discuss any testing which may be required. After the appointment, you can expect to be started on a couple of modifications to your lifestyle.

Professional strategic and scientific approach

Time is spent after our appointment (this makes up the balance of your initial appointment) examining any further research on your particular case and liasing with your GP or other health care professionals where needed. Further pathology testing may be recommended through various laboratories, as we may require a more detailed insight into metabolic functions, genetic issues, nutritional deficiencies/excesses, digestive function, detoxification ability, food intolerances, hormone levels, parasitic presence, micro flora status or heavy metal presence.
Note: Care is given to consider your need, interest and ability to implement change at every step of the consultation process

Creating your unique treatment plan

This may include such things as: changing your diet, prescribing specific vitamin and mineral supplements and/or selected herbal mixtures, and improving lifestyle management (by providing information and ideas on stress-reduction methods, exercise etc.). Your tailored treatment will include one or more of the following: diet therapy, food preparation, medicinal cooking, therapeutic application of foods with specific functions, traditional approaches, behavioural and lifestyle counselling (exercise/stress management, rest, sleep, hydration), nutritional and herbal supplementation.

Your Review appointments

We will go through the new tests you have completed, discuss further changes required and accurately prescribe supplements based on the test results and findings. Lifestyle changes need to become practical and sustainable, as guiding you to adjust habits is an important part of your journey to greater health.

Finding the right direction

You will receive various options to best direct you on the most beneficial way to move forward from here with your health by:
  • Describing the many options open to you and how the health industry can best serve you
  • Addressing any difficulties or frustrations you may have already experienced and how to avoid these in the future

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there health fund rebates available for your services?

Yes. Health fund rebates apply to consults with all of our Nutritionists/Naturopaths.