What to Expect

At Natural Health Medicine, we focus on strong, strategic planning to move you from your current state of health to your optimum state of health.

A Health Plan Designed For YOU

Your personalised health plans can be as simple or as detailed as you want.

We listen to what you want, assess test results, determine your symptoms, examine your family health history and understand your health values. Your diet and lifestyle habits will be reviewed, medical practitioners and/or other health professionals may be suggested and any future testing may be recommended.

We provide you with support for diet & lifestyle changes including information & recipes – all centered to fit you perfectly!

A Scientific Approach to Natural Medicine

Our Naturopaths may use rigorous testing (either in-house or with the collaboration of an external lab) and liaise with medical and health professionals.

Tests will tell us if the changes that we are suggesting are leading in the right direction, and measure your progress and results.

No fluff: We’ll only suggest something because it’s good for YOU!

What will happen on my first visit?

When you visit us at Natural Health Medicine, these are some of the things we do:


Assess your health history

Decide on which pathology tests are required. This is to identify organs that are not functioning properly and assess why that might be.

Discover the right direction for your health

Our Naturopaths talk to you – and listen to you – about your health.

This conversation includes:

  • explaining the many options open to you and how the health industry (not just Natural Health Medicine) can best serve you.
  • how to prioritize your direction.
  • what difficulties or frustrations you may have already experienced and how to avoid these in the future.

We will take into account all your requirements – including time and money – so that you leave with a clear understanding of what health treatment approach will be right for you.


Create your unique treatment plan

This may include such things as:

  • Changing your diet by prescribing specific vitamin and mineral supplements and/or selected herbal mixtures, and
  • Improving lifestyle management by providing information and ideas on stress-reduction methods, exercise etc.

Suggest Nutritional and Dietary changes

We provide general nutritional information, including:

  • eating practices that will help you best
  • food preparation
  • different dietary approaches etc

Help you with Naturopathy

We support you with dietary and lifestyle changes by:

  • building upon what you already know
  • enhancing your physical self-awareness
  • prescribing – where appropriate – herbs and supplement