Mind Power – a training course to Mindfulness

What is ‘Mind Power’?

Mind Power refers to information and techniques you can use anytime to be clear, calm, focused and at peace.  Whilst mindfulness is part of the MIND POWER learnings, the information you receive will allow you to develop self awareness and understand why you make the choices you make in your life. How and why you judge yourself and others, and teaches concepts that will have you seeing things in a way that you never thought possible.

Learning about how your mind works is one of the most valuable insights you can gain. Like all organs in our body, our mind is often left to it’s own devices, operating automatically, reacting rather than responding – which can leave us feeling exhausted, disappointed and disturbed.

Complex in nature, but not insurmountable, our mind once understood, can serve us, which is so important, given the impact our thoughts and emotions have on our wellbeing. Learning to become more connected to others without getting caught up, is a wonderful life skill to develop and is one of our “6 ways to health”.

Physical and Emotional health

We not only need support to manage our health from a physical perspective, but also guidance in changing the influence the mind and our emotions have on our health from an emotional perspective. The physical and mental components of one’s body are so interrelated, that to treat underlying issues, the mind and the body must both be considered. The mind power ecourse will allow you to understand how the physical effects the emotional, and the emotional effects the physical.

The Mind Power provides a way to assist you to gain a holistic perspective on your health, including on how your central nervous system, adrenal glands and gut, are effected.

How does Mind Power lead to Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about deliberately bringing your attention to the present moment, without judgment. Many physical ailments are improved by living, mindfully. Its one thing to understand this, and its another to be able to practice it, so it becomes something you can achieve in your life. Mind Power offers the understanding and the training, to take it from an intellectual notion, and into your day to day living. To live without judgment or at least significantly reduce our judgments on ourselves and others, can not be applied without understanding and training.

Mind Power will allow you to understand why you think and act the way you do, and how to observe and react to situations differently, with a new perspective.

A Summary of what the Mind Power eCourse will offer you…

  • change how you feel and behave with people everyday
  • confidence in your reactions to life’s situations
  • a way to enjoy life, to actually live ‘in your life’ enjoying every moment, rather than, ‘miss’ your life
  • an understand where other people are coming from, why they do and say things
  • a way to develop and appreciate the relationships in your life
  • a way to truly love and appreciate people in your life
  • a way to be able to assess and “diagnose” straight away your physical and mental self, and apply a practical way to influence the outcome.

This program is highly practical, so you can generate tangible results. Great for busy people, these techniques are simple and easy to apply – anytime, anywhere. The best part? Life becomes more fun AND you become more productive.

We know that everyone learns differently so suit yourself either:

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