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Tamas Gyimesi

Life Coaching & Kinesiology Facilitator

What is ‘coaching’

For me it is all about supporting individuals to reach their goals and manifest their potential – but here are some more insights –

Coaching may be used if you are “stuck” and can’t think of what else to do in order to move forward in your life or your professional work environment. In relation to your work environment this may involve not being able to move your organization forward. This may be due to the need for personally change or evolution or the need for a third party to guide the conversation or thought processes past the limits of our own initial perspectives.
Life or executive coaching is really about focusing on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves and their company to be in the future.

Coaching can be considered different from other forms of training or support as it focuses on a specific way of “learning”. When you take an individual and involve them in identifying areas of need and support them in solving, applying solutions and reviewing outcomes the whole process becomes a complete and long-lasting learning experience.
Many consider coaching as a form of self-improvement as it can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves or our business.

Here are some examples of the different thought patterns between various learning paradigms:

Apart from being an accredited executive and life coach (ACC) I value and draw on 17 years of experience in the areas of coaching, training, management and organisation development with corporate and private clients.

It has allowed me to understand and draw on a tool box of systems and techniques to guide people through this ‘coaching’ process. It is a bit like you going to a mechanic’s garage full of tools and trying to fix or service your own car – it won’t happen – as even though the tools are there you don’t have the knowledge and experience of how to apply each tool to a given task or treatment.

Part of my tool box is also having 15 years of experience in kinesiology.

We use Kinesiology as a method, via muscle testing, to move past negative habits, thoughts and attitudes. In part this is by identifying their core sources and freeing them up for your own benefit. As I said life coaching is a support and guidance for you to manifest your own dreams, to solve problems, and ultimately to lead of a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

Here is a bit more about me:

I have three main core values: efficiency, quality and creativity. These form a foundation to support you to reach your own goals and unlock unused but underlying potential for your growth and success.

For many years I have had a vision of living and working in Australia which has only recently manifested into reality.
Before moving to Adelaide I spent time living and working in London, Budapest and have worked Europe-wide as an organisation development (OD) advisor and management skills coach and trainer.

Our work together can be done one-on-one or we can use online coaching.

One thing I’m still excited about is working with clients over three continents bringing together my 17 years of business experience as coach, trainer, manager and organisation developer.

By the way I am also a big fan of contemporary art and marathons (up to marathon number 9 now!)

I look forward to helping you evolve and succeed.

Qualifications include:

  1. Accredited Coach Certificate (ACC)
  2. Certificate in Kinesiology
  3. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  4.  Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)