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Natural Health Medicine

Maria Harpas

Director, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

I’m the director of Natural Health Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist and a Naturopathic practitioner, I have been practicing for 10 years.

I previously worked in the travel industry and absolutely loved it working for Ansett Australia, once my time with the airline ended it just so happened to fall at the same time my first child was born, I decided it would be a great time to follow my growing curiosity of natural therapies.

I had suffered severe allergies most of my life and recall being sick often as a child, I was tired of taking continual over the counter medications to alleviate my symptoms which where only getting worse. In fact I recall someone commenting on the fact that I always walked around with a tissue!

I started to learn much about digestive health and whilst my studies began as a hobby to learn more about my own health by the time I finished and my second child was ready for school I realised how important lifestyle medicine was, everyone needs to sleep well, eat well, manage stress to feel healthy, and I was blown away how much could be done in natural therapies to treat symptoms, and so I set up my own private practice.

Not long after I started practising I began working with a biochemist who over the years taught me to  incorporate pathology testing interpretation to a level I would never have thought possible. Its so exciting to use gold standard testing to assess and measure progress and, treat, in what we now term, as functional medicine. Call me boring but I love pouring over pathology results, which reveal all sorts of information about our health, its like detective work and its very rewarding to identify the cause of clients health issues as well as move the direction ones health is taking so that it will prevent future problems.

In my own family, my husband Peter and I have predominately used natural medicine to raise our boys (now 19 & 16 years old) and we have been grateful  and respectful, on the two occasions when we needed to rely on orthodox medicine, that it was available to us. Aside from my great passions in digestive health and immune health (autoimmune/allergies), I also love working with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Look forward to meeting you,


My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
  • Advanced Diploma in Functional Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy
  • Certificate in Meditation (Ian Gawler foundation)
  • Thorough understanding of the work of Byron Katie
  • Association Memberships: ATMS & CMA
  • Registered Provider for Private Health Rebates