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Maria Harpas

Director, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Maria Harpas - Adelaide Naturopath

I’m Maria Harpas, the director of Natural Health Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist and a Naturopathic practitioner with over 12 years experience.

Years of dealing with my kid’s health, my health and over a decade of watching the theory of nutritional and lifestyle medicine work its magic on real people has placed me in the unique position of understanding what works and what dosen’t work and when! It’s super confusing to read so much contradictory info on the net, listen to those with their own journey’s and be disheartened when all of this and the trusted medical approaches don’t reveal answers for your specific health concerns. Knowing where to start and what to direct your efforts on is a skill I believe only a clinician working with people has clocked up the experience to guide on. Without checking pathology results you are flying blind as it’s critical to know what’s going on “under your health bonnet”!

You need to be guided by what your biochemistry reveals, by the symptoms you have, by your family’s health history and by what you can manage in your life right now 🙂  You then need someone to step you through in easily and realistic, manageable ways to change what is required. Imagine being guided to achieve this and at the same time be educated in a practical way, avoiding fads, trends and “health cults” that have no idea of your particular health strengths and weaknesses.

We need to ensure a mindfulness of the medical approach and that we respect and value what is offered and discuss when the marrying of medical and natural approaches are needed. We need to work with doctors when needed, why because at times this is the best approach, at the same time we need to ensure that we are not just shutting down symptoms with drugs and ignoring the body’s screaming needs, which will only lead to more health issues.

Because the end game is improving how you feel, how your body functions and how to avoid future health issues – for a better life !

Innovations in your health can only be found from using lifestyle medicine (food, movement, sleep, stress management, environmental influence, social connection) and integrating orthodox medicine if and when it’s called for! 

Look forward to meeting you,

Maria 🙂

My qualifications include:


Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)


Advanced Diploma in Functional Nutrition


Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy


Certificate in Meditation (Ian Gawler foundation)


Thorough understanding of the work of Byron Katie


Association Memberships: ATMS & CMA


Registered Provider for Private Health Rebates (Nutritionist)

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