Lose Your Fatigue – Gain More Energy

Do you think you are just tired because you are busy doing lots of things? Do you think this is normal? What if I told you that we are designed to be active in our waking hours and that we can and should feel fine doing this! If you wake fatigued, if you get fatigued in the afternoon, if you feel like you are not firing on all cylinders, there is a reason or reasons for this and they can be identified and resolved.

You Need To Know What Is Causing Your Fatigue


There are many different types of stress that your body might be under and we need to work out the ones that are effecting you. Working out what is causing your fatigue starts with some fundamentals like sleep quality and quantity, identifying food issues that might be effecting your energy levels, along with checking under your personal biochemical “bonnet”. Each nutrient, vitamin or mineral drive the pathways that give us the energy levels we need and these must be checked, carefully and correctly in relation to you as a unique individual. Chronic immune issues, like infections, allergies or autoimmune problems,  can and do effect your energy levels – these checks will give you the best insights to where your fatigue might be coming from.

Poor energy levels are not normal and should not be left untreated. Not only does this effect the quality of your life, by impacting your motivation and mood, but it may represent deeper more sinister problems. Once these fundamental biochemical markers have been identified then we want to circle back to psychological drivers and look at what your stress management IQ is like.