Lifestyle Medicine

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Lifestyle Medicine

If we where to check the meaning of the word “lifestyle”, its defined by the way a person chooses to live, and medicine is defined as anything that is used to treat or prevent disease. Lifestyle medicine has its roots well and truly in naturopathic medicine, it is the core of our teaching and no other profession can make this claim quite as securely as the naturopathic or nutritional medicine practitioner. Naturopathy and nutritional medicine, unlike orthodox medicine, is a mixed bag and what I mean by that is that not all practitioners are alike, in fact there are diverse differences in how we practice. The differences can be so great that it can be the cause of major frustration for doctors and clients alike…..! But we do all have one thing in common if nothing else, and that is a deep seated belief that changing how you live can and does have a HUGE impact on your health.


Lets take a look at some of the things that are considered:

  • Sleeping habits – how you sleep, the environment you sleep in, the quality of your sleep and the length of your sleep
  • Diets – what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, how you eat!
  • Exercise – is it too intense, not intense enough, the form of exercise you do.
  • Stress management – how you manage stress, is your tolerance to stress low, do you overreact, do you know how to recognise the signs that you are stressed – many techniques may be suggested to deal with stress management.
  • Environmental stress management – with the surging levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) access such as WiFi, TV’s, mobile phones, iPads, smart meters and others having a direct affect on the nervous system and how cells signal each other and react we need to make an assessment of this area. Also chemicals placed on or absorbed through the skin from cleaning care and cosmetic products need to be considered.

How To Succeed With Lifestyle Medicine?

For most people you don’t need to change everything (unless you want to), in fact, one of the most important reasons to seek professional advise is so an assessment can be made, as to what things are most important for YOU. Some of the things that determine what to target are based on your symptoms, pathology results and family history. It is also important not to make too many changes at once, the likely hood of seeing long term changes stay permanent diminishes, when too much is taken on at once. A professional in this area will assess where you are at and what is achievable. The great thing with lifestyle changes is that there are usually many different ways to achieve changes.

Great Tips To Help You Win When Making Lifestyle Changes

  • Knowledge wont necessarily change your behaviour
  • Learning a new skill, requires repetition and a clear motive
  • Avoid getting “will power fatigue” , its a muscle like any other, don’t over use it!
  • Aim for a few changes at a time
  • Shame gives short term results and depletes will power!
  • Keep coming back to your motive
  • Consider “social power” – we do what those around us do
  • Consider “moral licence” – I went to the gym so I can have a lolly now!
  • Consider mindfulness, it develops impulse control, changes your grey matter and strengthens prefrontal cortex
  • Think in terms of stages of changes
  • Understand that relapse is part of learning
  • Big lists can be overwhelming
  • Repetition and consistency develops new pathways

Deeper Still

There is now like never before proven understanding that as humans we need a deep connection to nature, we need to connect with others, have meaningful relationships and a commitment to our own life. Lifestyle medicine is the way of the future, it is achievable by using practical and realistic solutions, which differs for each one of us.






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