How to Rethink Your Health

The key is knowing how to make it practical with achievable actions that are tailored to your own weaknesses, strengths and motivations. The foundations still remain the same for optimal health or even for the treatment of chronic diseases and are really about how we manage lifestyle changes that include diet, sleep, exercise, stress management, social interaction and environmental toxins.

You Need Practical Approaches that Work

Did you say keep it simple! To often we can get caught up in the latest theory and information we find in books and the internet. But really it is about weaving together what clinically works with the hard data gathered from your health story (signs/ symptoms/ timeline) and pathology testing.

We take the theory for you and apply it to your situation. If you take the ‘6 Ways to Health’ there are potentially 6 places to start so we need to decide on the best, easiest and most beneficial place to begin.

The 6 Ways to Health

We know that all chronic disease come from the same core, foundational areas which we have coined the “6 ways to health”. These path-ways will help you better understand how to tackle improving your health and what to look for. Consider the 6 ways like the pillars that hold up a house, checking for the ones that are weaker will give us direction on where you should start.

What is Natural Medicine?

‘Natural medicine’, ‘functional medicine’, ‘naturopathy’, ‘nutritional medicine’ or ‘complementary medicine’ all have similarities in how they approach preventing disease, treating health conditions and maintaining optimal health.

What to Expect

At Natural Health Medicine, we focus on strong, strategic planning to move you from your current state of health to your optimum state of health.

Our Approach

Your consultations are based on personalised health planning which takes place with either Gabriella Sassi, Tori Bowes, Tim Jaeger, Anna Clarke or Maria Harpas