Feeling a bit sluggish after over-indulging this Easter? Don’t worry, we are too! Whether it be the late nights, busy days, alcohol consumption or copious amount of chocolate contributing to your post-holiday fatigue, here are 5 simple health tips for getting back on track!

Start Fresh

If chocolate is the culprit then maybe consider getting it off the kitchen bench and storing it somewhere less tempting. For some of us chocoholics, this may even have to be out of the house! Stock up on some delicious, healthy foods and channel your temptation into the foods which make your body feel good.

Get back into routine

Enjoy healthy balanced meals and continue on with your pre-Easter lifestyle. There’s no need to dramatically skip meals or cut calories to compensate for your weekend. In fact, this may lead to cravings, making getting ‘back on track’ even harder for some. This momentum to feel more energized may instead be great time to kick off some new healthy habits such as increasing your vegetable consumption or making some green juices!

Keep up the water

Water is essential in maintaining the balance of body fluids and staying well hydrated. Water assists in the transport of waste products in and out of our cells while also maintaining proper digestion, circulation and normal bowel function (to excrete waste from the body). Staying well hydrated may be the key to getting over your post-Easter slump.

Sweat It Out

Exercise gets our blood pumping, our lymphatic system moving and makes us feel great through the release of endorphins (our brains feel good chemicals). Not to mention a great way to burn off those extra choccie-eggs! Even just a small 20-minute walk a few times a week can make a difference to our body and frame of mind.

Let Go Of The Guilt

For some of us, holidays such as Easter can bring up feelings of guilt around food. It’s important to tell ourselves that it’s okay to indulge occasionally and that these minor setbacks do not define us or our long-term goals. What does define us and our goals is how we pick ourselves up and push on afterwards! In these instances we need to be kind to ourselves, remember all the great memories we’ve made and let go of the guilt.

What memories did you make this Easter long weekend?”





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