COVID-19 Treatment Trial

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Immune System

COVID-19 Treatment Trial

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Immune System

I am very excited to be able to support Associate Professor Karin Ried from The National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne with

Enrolments in the COVID-19 Treatment Trial, more information here

This is an exciting opportunity for those who would like access to early treatment if required, as well as ensuring adequate vitamin D levels.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Return the signed consent form (download here) to Natural Health Medicine – Maria Harpas –

Step 2: Get your Vitamin D levels measured with your local GP and send your Vitamin D levels to if you are unable to have these measured with your GP please email Maria to send out a form (cost $54).

Step 3: You may be eligible for a FREE Vitamin D supplement and will be advised

Step 4: If you develop any COVID symptoms, please email (Subject heading: COVID Symptoms) or

phone 03 9912 9545 and Associate Professor Karin Ried will go through some questionnaires and send you a treatment pack.

Here is a study published recently that is part of this trial on therapies to prevent progression of COVID-19. 

Maria Harpas 



AUTOIMMUNITY – Stop the body’s attack on itself!

Autoimmunity or autoimmune conditions, relate to diseases (of which there are more than 80), where the immune system is attacking the body’s own healthy tissues and cells. This insult on the body by the immune system could be localized, to a specific organ or it could be systemic, effecting various parts of the body. This can change the way an organ or body systems functions and can cause damage and inflammation, resulting in many different symptoms.

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