Do you really need to be so driven?

Many of us feel the need to be driven or feel like there is never enough time – to push hard towards our goals – in order to succeed.

But can you imagine achieving your goals without having to push so hard?

Breath Work and Meditation helps us to release stress, to flow rather than push and force. One way is easy, the other can be difficult if not painful.

Meditation also helps us to become much clearer about what we want to achieve and then find the most efficient way to achieve what is most important.

In short, meditation can help you to be more successful – both at work and outside of work and allow you to enjoy life.

Can everyone meditate?

Think again. Meditation isn’t all lotus position and candle staring. Maria Harpas at Natural Health Medicine will introduce a range of simple and highly practical techniques – so you can choose what works best for you.

  • Meditation also has some physical advantages, including:
  • reducing the possibility of high blood pressure
  • strengthening muscles
  • assisting with digestive issues and food-based allergies
  • reducing fluid retention

Bookings for Breath Work & Meditation Sessions


When:    Saturdays  7.30 am or 8.30 am          (excludes public holiday weekends)

Where:  65 Edward St Norwood  5067   /  83322271 or 83572553

Duration:  45 minutes

Teacher:  Sabine Toh


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One-on-one sessions are also available.


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