Do you really need to be so driven?

Many of us feel the need to be driven or feel like there is never enough time – to push hard towards our goals – in order to succeed.

But can you imagine achieving your goals and being productive without having to push so hard?

Breath Work, Prayer and Meditation helps us to release stress, to flow rather than push and force. One way is easy, the other can be difficult if not painful.

Meditation also helps us to become much clearer about what we want to achieve and then find the most efficient way to achieve what is most important.

In short, meditation can help you to be more successful – both at work and outside of work and allow you to enjoy life.

Can everyone meditate?

Meditation isn’t all lotus position and candle staring. An easy way to understand meditation is that it relates to any activity which moves your attention from your mind to the present moment, or to one of your five senses. Noticing in the present moment what you are tasting, what you can hear, what you can see, what you can touch and smell, without being distracted by your thoughts. This gives you a sense of awareness in the present moment which besides peace and calm opens you up to allow realisations to appear about yourself! Self awareness is a powerful phenomena!!

Meditation also has some physical advantages, including:

  • reducing high blood pressure
  • strengthening muscles
  • assisting symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • reducing anxiety, depression and insomnia


Need Some Guidance?

There is so much free and paid support around to suit individual style. This can come in the form of breath work, prayer or meditation, nearly all traditional religions provide regular and free spaces for both prayer or meditation. There is also lots of online support. If you feel you would like individual paid one on one sessions please email directly




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