6 Ways to Health

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6 Ways to Health

Understanding All Diseases

We know that all chronic disease come from the same core, foundation areas which we have coined the “6 ways to health”, this will help you better understand how to tackle your health issues and what we are looking for. Consider the 6 ways like the pillars that hold up a house, checking for the ones that are weaker will direct where you start and usually needs an expert who knows what to look for.Check all the many conditions and diseases we understand at our “Health Library” section.

Here are 6 important ways to improve your health

Nutrition – Movement – Sleep – Stress management – Human Connection – Toxins or Pollutants

Making your health a priority is not always as easy as you would like. Let’s not sugar coat it – We tend to keep doing many of the same habits we learnt as a child, change for most of us is hard.

With some great ‘health coaching’ you can create realistic goals and commit to forming new habits, making living life that bit easier and fun. Together, we will make this an enjoyable learning process that will stay with you for life!

Have a think about the ‘6 Ways’, pick one or two of the areas and make some small changes and keep a note of how you feel, you will often be surprised at what a difference it can make.

Understanding “THE 6 WAYS TO HEALTH”



– if your cells don’t have access to the nutrients they need not one hormone, not one pathway, not one protein, the immune system etc etc cannot work at their full capacity or at all! We cannot emphasis enough the power correct nutrient intake has on mood pathways, energy pathway and basically every single thing that occurs in the body. When we are asked “could my diet be causing my health problems” its a resounding yes, as the nutritional pillar as one that should be a first line check. If you are fatigued due to a nutritional problem – you cant exercise it away nor can you use therapy to talk it away – the body needs nutrients full stop! If you are dealing with lots of emotional stress then guess what, your nutrient need just increased.


– Wow how important is our sleep, quality, quantity, whilst there are things you can do to help yourself get to sleep (beware of drug pills) nothing can make us get into bed and make it happen – check out more info on sleep here.


– We are designed to move (and outdoors for that matter to get our vitamin D!) and our ancestors where moving most of their waking hours, understanding this can help us design our lives different. If you are in a sedentary job consider stand up desks and keep other times in your life centred more around movement rather than sitting. This can be a difficult concept for us, to grasp as so much of our cultural habit now center around sitting in front of computers, TV’s etc etc. For us opening our mind first to the possibility that we can do this was challenging but an open mind can do anything. If you are fatigued take a step by step approach by working on your diet and sleep to assist with energy first and move from there. Use it or lose it!


– There is no getting out of it, if you are alive you have to deal with stress in one form or another and our bodies are designed to do this, stress can be physical or emotional. A lack of specific nutrients, food intolerances can cause stress. An argument with someone, a breakup with a partner or friend, a losing a job or a loved one can all cause emotional stress. If we find we are often feeling stressed then we need to develop techniques to manage stress. There are two components to this, first we must accept that things are going to happen that we don’t necessarily like and this is how life rolls, this understanding brings a kind of acceptance which is very valuable and assists us in problem solving rather than over worrying. The second element, is to learn stress management techniques (especially if you didn’t develop this in childhood) which we can assist with through one on one consults and meditation classes.



– Us humans must connect with others, feel a sense of belonging and have a sense of purpose! This happened organically for our ancestors, in tribes and communities. In western life there is a real sense of loss in this area, causing isolation and loneliness. Psychologists and counselors understand the importance in connections and how it contributes to our health or lack of it. There is much we can do to check our “human connection barometer”, if we do not have family, including extended families that we connect with regularly we can look for communities outside of this,  such as sports clubs, work colleagues, school children’s families, hobby clubs, associations etc etc there are plenty around and if you find it difficult to find something, have an expert help you. Our teenagers and young adults are particularly in need of this and if we haven’t established communities for them to connect with and respect, then they will go and find them and they may not be healthy ones! Social media just won’t make the grade as a replacement! We encourage parents and carers to seek guidance (psych med bulk bill) in establishing the human connection vitamin 🙂


– Apparently we are exposed to more chemicals and environmental pollutants in one day than our ancestors where in their whole lifetime! There are many places you can start in helping to reduce your chemical load, check your cleaning products, gardening products, beauty and hygiene products, move to organic food, stop smoking or move to herbal cigarettes…..the list goes on. To avoid getting overwhelmed just change over the things that are less important to you, as you run out of one thing move to your healthier replacement. Consider your electromagnetic radiation load, switch the wifi off at night, reduce your exposure, limit TV watching, remove TV’s from every room in the house. You can also place potted plants around the house for a healthier living environment.


What About GENETICS?

Of course our genes play a role in how we look, how our body functions, grows and develops – we can’t change our genes! But guess what, the “6 ways” influence and determine the impact our genetics have on our health. Smoking, over- eating, alcohol consumption, nutrient deplete diets, all negatively impact our genetic risk factors and can influences them from being expressed. In fact knowing about some of our genes can help us understand if we are in much greater need of a particular nutrient and therefore supplement with it in higher amounts.


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