Our Clients are saying...

  • We searched high and low to find a nutritionist of Maria's calibre. She is not only at the forefront of nutritional science, but also has a very personable approach. She has changed the lives of many of our clients!Nathan Harten - Inform Health and Fitness Solutions
  • My son used to be a sickly child, getting a viral infection every 4-5 weeks, accompanied by asthma. Now he stays well in spite of his friends and classmates around him being sick, and I don’t even remember the last time he needed his puffer for asthma. Zeljka Danilovic
  • Maria has worked with my doctor to identify several issues which have prevented me from achieving optimal health. It is the support and understanding from Maria, the correction of vitamin deficiencies and Maria's reminders to 'be mindful', which enable me to function effectively on a day to day basis.Claire
  • Maria is extremely helpful and caring. I have been to many practitioners and she is the first to go that one step further but always takes the time to check how I feel about the new direction. I have been unwell for over 8 years and her suggestions have made me healthier and stronger.Fiorina
  • When I came to see Maria I believed I would have to live with dragging myself out of bed with bad skin & digestion and extremely low energy. Maria made some immediate changes to address my issues and I'm happy to say today my quality of life has improved 10-fold. I wake early, refreshed and ready for a bike ride or some yoga and see out my days with energy and motivation for my work. Maria has helped me to a better quality of life and I couldn't have done it without her guidance.Cindy Wadsworth
  • I started seeing Maria nearly three years ago. I was getting sick every few weeks, felt tired most of the time, energy level was low, and felt unwell after nearly every meal. When I look back now, I’m amazed at how my whole life has improved – not only my physical health, but also my mental health as Maria directed me how to manage my stress better. Zeljka Danilovic
  • Most of my life I have felt that something was 'wrong' with me. I went to doctors, psychologists and naturopaths looking for advice and relief, with little success. When I came across MTHFR and it's connection to migraines, chronic fatigue and OCD and then found you to help treat us, I knew that I was on the right track. Now after three months I cannot express the difference in our lives. Both my daughter and I feel 100% better. Kelly Richards
  • Out of all of the medical professionals we consulted, it was only your input that enabled our son to get on his feet while we all dealt with his chronic fatigue syndrome. The information and attention to detail through your close analysis was second to none. We will be forever grateful.Jody
  • Maria's calming guidance & commonsense approach has been an invaluable part of me managing my chronic illness on a daily basis. I look forward to my appointments with her and her recipes.Di