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We are based in South Australia. Naturopath Adelaide, Maria Harpas, offers one of the BEST individualised treatment programs, using pathology testing to accurately and scientifically, assess where your health is at, and what your risks are.

What Do You Need?

Are you tired or fatigued, have hormone problems, been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, gut issues, has your mood been assessed from a biochemical perspective? Are you an undermethylator or overmethylator? Do you have diabetes or insulin problems, what is your heart risk? Do you suffer allergies, intolerances? What’s your bone health like, good to know years before it’s too late! Are you eating well, but not sure if its working for your body? Do you know what health risks you might have, and what you can prevent in the future?

Science Based Naturopathy

This style of Naturopathy will answer these questions and guide you in the most practical and sustainable way possible. Working with your GP or other health care providers where needed, bringing it all together, providing you with a caring and achievable approach to healthy living. We will consider what you really need, by establishing the testing that is right for you, and if your GP is unable to run the tests for you due to Medicare restrictions, that’s not a problem, we have negotiated reduced prices through the labs for you. We are highly qualified to suggest targeted treatment, in most instances we test before supplementing, and where possible we consider lifestyle modification first, we then measure your progress.

Avoiding The Naturopathic & Nutritional Overload Advise

You only have to hop onto the internet, type in your health issue and receive a ridiculous amount of contradictory advise, become overwhelmed, worried and confused. There is some good info and advise out there, yet there is also some bad info, and somewhat dangerous advise. Whilst it can be great to listen to people’s success stories, and its very encouraging, what we are very clear about is that what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for another! As our focus is deep seated in nutritional biochemistry, we are EXPERTS in reading pathology results and individualising treatment, all our Naturopaths have degree’s (Health Science, Complementary Medicine or Naturopathy), so you can be sure that we are advising on what is best for you.


All of our Naturopaths use lifestyle medicine, what we call the “6 ways” to treat any of our own health issues as they arise, and to assess and improve any of our own health risks. We certainly are not perfect! but our own journey, along with our professional qualifications, have helps us develop a large pool, of tips and tricks to help guide you through your journey of learning and change. While we know that lifestyle medicine makes sense and in most instances is the logical and practical first line treatment solution – its better to drink enough water to avoid a headache, than to take a drug to alleviate it! We are also very clear on those times where orthodox medicine might be a good fit, we can help you draw on the appropriate modality where and when needed.

We consider that there are “6 WAYS” to health these, are:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management
  • Human Connection
  • Environmental Pollutants

“Health isn’t everything, but without it, everything else is nothing

– Schopenhauer


Finally – Lets Get REAL!

Changing lifestyle behaviours and foods, isn’t always as easy as it seems in theory! Thats because us humans are habitual and we carry our childhood conditioned, behaviours. So be realistic, for many of you learning new ways and forming new habits, that will serve you, can take time to develop, we will be here to guide you every step of the way, all you have to do, is give your health its rightful priority and commit to the process – together we will can make this an enjoyable learning process that will stay with you for life!

“Nutrition is not “alternative, not complementary” it is a basic requirement of health and central to good medicine. Proper application of nutritional medicine can prevent disease, save lives, and in the long term, is profoundly more economical than virtually any other medical discipline”

– Professor Ian E Brighthope



Naturopath Adelaide

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Our Clients are saying...

  • When I first started seeing Maria Harpas I was very run down physically and emotionally. Blood tests showed that I was deficient in various nutrients and that I was not absorbing protein which was why I was so underweight. I also had an ear rash that would not go away. Since seeing Maria I have put on weight and my rash had almost completely gone. My emotional state is really good, I am happy and I no longer feel depressed. I would like to thank Maria for all her help and patience in getting my body back to a normal state. Liz McCann
  • Maria has been of great assistance with my mid-life issue caused by a blade of grass going up my nose which has caused dire consequences for my immune system. She adopted a common sense thorough and extensive non-invasive investigation of my blood which has revealed the problem. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE TO REQUEST THOROUGH TESTING. Doctors would still be telling me I was suffering anxiety, they are now paying attention to the bloods that Maria ordered!Evelyn Komes
  • "I have been a client of Maria's...looking for a practitioner who is professional, practical and who keeps up to date. Maria is experienced on all these levels....I needed someone with the experience... I have appreciated that Maria utilizes common sense, clinical biochemistry, live blood analysis and a comprehensive history and takes the time to do this well. Maria is mindful of the cost to clients and so aims to minimize the number of supplements prescribed, preferring to utilize diet, and lifestyle changes as much as possible. She has helped me to recover much quicker than I anticipated."Donna Stark
  • Without a shadow of doubt Maria Harpas saved my life! I was one messed up cookie before I sought her guidance. And now I couldn't feel or look better! She is worth her weight in gold! I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a healthier life.Rachel Cope
  • Maria is extremely helpful and caring. I have been to many practitioners and she is the first to go that one step further but always takes the time to check how I feel about the new direction. I have been unwell for over 8 years and her suggestions have made me healthier and stronger.Fiorina
  • When I came to see Maria I believed I would have to live with dragging myself out of bed with bad skin & digestion and extremely low energy. Maria made some immediate changes to address my issues and I'm happy to say today my quality of life has improved 10-fold. I wake early, refreshed and ready for a bike ride or some yoga and see out my days with energy and motivation for my work. Maria has helped me to a better quality of life and I couldn't have done it without her guidance.Cindy Wadsworth
  • I started seeing Maria nearly three years ago. I was getting sick every few weeks, felt tired most of the time, energy level was low, and felt unwell after nearly every meal. When I look back now, I’m amazed at how my whole life has improved – not only my physical health, but also my mental health as Maria directed me how to manage my stress better. Zeljka Danilovic
  • Most of my life I have felt that something was 'wrong' with me. I went to doctors, psychologists and naturopaths looking for advice and relief, with little success. When I came across MTHFR and it's connection to migraines, chronic fatigue and OCD and then found you to help treat us, I knew that I was on the right track. Now after three months I cannot express the difference in our lives. Both my daughter and I feel 100% better. Kelly Richards
  • Out of all of the medical professionals we consulted, it was only your input that enabled our son to get on his feet while we all dealt with his chronic fatigue syndrome. The information and attention to detail through your close analysis was second to none. We will be forever grateful.Jody
  • Maria's calming guidance & commonsense approach has been an invaluable part of me managing my chronic illness on a daily basis. I look forward to my appointments with her and her recipes.Di
  • We searched high and low to find a nutritionist of Maria's calibre. She is not only at the forefront of nutritional science, but also has a very personable approach. She has changed the lives of many of our clients!Nathan Harten - Inform Health and Fitness Solutions
  • My son used to be a sickly child, getting a viral infection every 4-5 weeks, accompanied by asthma. Now he stays well in spite of his friends and classmates around him being sick, and I don’t even remember the last time he needed his puffer for asthma. Zeljka Danilovic
  • Maria has worked with my doctor to identify several issues which have prevented me from achieving optimal health. It is the support and understanding from Maria, the correction of vitamin deficiencies and Maria's reminders to 'be mindful', which enable me to function effectively on a day to day basis.Claire
  • I have been a client of Maria's for over 18 months after my husband had successful improvement in health after seeing Maria. Maria's approach is holistic, covering the emotional effects of life along with lifestyle choices. What I love about seeing Maria is her non- judgmental approach & gentle manner. Her insight, knowledge & awareness of the human body & spirit makes Maria's offerings rounded & balanced. I have recommended Maria to many & would encourage all who feel the need to have improved health & wellbeing to see Maria.Natasha
  • " I have been recommending Maria to friends, as 'the best naturopath I have ever seen'....I love the way she is decisive & a clear communicator. And I love the big laughs we can have together, so real." Kathryn B